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15 September 2006 @ 12:28 am
New Magneto/Mystique Community  
If this is inappropriate feel free to delete. I searched around livejournal and I couldn't find any communities devoted eclusively to the X-Men Magneto/Mystique pairing. So my friend kumadapuma and I created one. It's called cruellyhandsome. We'd love for some of you to join and contribute fanfic, icons, art, etc. So if you wrote a fic about the way Magneto dumped Mystique after she was "cured" we'd love to read it. Come see what we're all about.

cruellyhandsome is a livejournal community that focuses on the X-Men pairing of Magneto and Mystique. Any universe is welcome including movies, television, and comics. As long as it has something to do with Magneto and Mystique it can be from any X-Men storyline.

We are happy to accept anything you have to offer: fan fiction, fan art, fan media, video manipulation, icons, etc. The more the merrier. General discussion is always welcome too. X-Posted everywhere