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05 June 2006 @ 02:01 am
Two drabbles based around the events/interactions in X3. Specifically Jimmy/Leech and Warren/Angel. Both're G, I guess.

The seagulls beyond the shores swing in spirals over the Bridge, looping shadows of white and grey whose trails are lost under the bleach of sunlight on the water. I watch them sometimes, whenever the window seems too small or the room too quiet or the hours melting like ageless snow and I can't remember what daylight is until I peer out of that square portal of six-inch Plexyglass and prison.

And then I see it, the largest seagull I've ever seen, an angel falling out of heaven and soaring-- across the golden-orange iron spidering of the Bridge.

I could never fly.

He'd met the Cure before. Before he was confined to an island starch white and clean, clean of the decay of the real world and of the corruption of the "real" world and how it hated them all. He met Jimmy one breezy February afternoon, a few years back when his wingspread was only about eight feet and his hair was still long and shaggy and Jimmy actually had brown locks shifting into those bright eyes. He was sixteen, Jimmy was nine or ten and when he touched him he felt like he was unraveling, undoing all the seams, all the stitching and the knots and the tangles of why am I like this? why can't I be normal? why can't Mom look at me anymore?

And all Jimmy said upon seeing his shattered look was, "I'm sorry."

Hope you enjoy!
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Kaloprosopia.oscurotrophic on June 6th, 2006 08:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I think I have some sort of weird fascination with the possible tragedy surrounding a friendship between two such people.